Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia

When you are short on money, there are a few ways that you can make some fairly quickly. One of the more over looked ways of making some cash, is to Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia. Stainless steel is often made with chromium, which is a pretty valuable metal. Other types are made with copper and nickel. The price of copper has been rising steadily the past few years.

Before you try to Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia, you should study how to identify it. There are metals like aluminum that look very similar to stainless steel, but don’t have the same value. Knowing for sure what you have before you try to scrap it is always a good idea, and can save you a lot of embarrassment. There are four good tests that you can perform to figure out if the metal you have is stainless steel. First, you want to check and see if it is magnetic. If it is, you know it can’t be aluminum, which is one of the metals that is often confused for stainless steel. It is most likely a grade 400 stainless steel. Stainless steel can be magnetic, or non magnetic, depending on what metals are in the alloy you have, so you need to continue to test number two.

Next is a spark test. Most scrappers know this one. If you grind the metal with a grinding wheel and it glows or sparks, then it is a steel. If it is not magnetic, and it passes the spark test, you likely have a grade 300 stainless steel. If you don’t know the difference in price for the grades, contact whoever you are going to bring your Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia to and ask.

Test three is simple. Check for rust. Aluminum won’t ever rust, but there is a chance that stainless steel will. Test four is simply feeling the weight. Stainless steel is much heavier than aluminum, so if your metal feels very lightweight, it could be aluminum.

If you don’t know where to bring your Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia, contact S.D. Richman Sons to request an estimate.