Save Money On Your Energy Costs By Installing A New Water Heater In Toledo OH

Did you know that your water heater costs you the most in your home to operate? Getting an energy efficient Water Heater in Toledo OH installed in your home, you can dramatically reduce your costs. If your water heater is more than 8 years old, you should replace it. You shouldn’t wait until you in the shower under icy cold water to determine your water heater needs replaced.

There are several reasons you should replace your water heater. It is recommended that you flush your water heater at least once a year to clean the sediment that has accumulated in your tank. This sediment makes your water heater work harder and uses more energy. The sediment also takes room up inside the tank where hot water should be stored. The water that comes into your home has minerals in the tank react with the steel of the water heater. These minerals will destroy the steel over time and create leaks in your tank. Even public water systems will create blockage in your pipes entering the hot water tank. This limits the amount of water getting into the tank.

Installing a water heater on your own is not advised. You need special tools to cut and weld the copper pipes that fit onto your water tank. The torch that is used could cause a fire in your home if you don’t know how to properly use one. In your area, there could be building codes that need followed. If you have your Water Heater in Toledo OH installed by a professional, they will know what the building codes are for your area. You also need to make sure that your water heater is vented properly especially if it is a gas water heater. You also need to be concerned about the gas line that goes to your water heater so you’re not leaking gas into your home.

New energy efficient water heaters can be installed in your home affordably saving you up to 20% of your current energy costs. Atlas Heating Co of Oregon OH has trained plumbers that can remove your old water heater and professionally install a new one. You don’t have to worry about taking an ice cold shower again.

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