Safety Practices For Asbestos Removal In London

Prior to completing any type of repairs, renovations or new installations in homes or commercial buildings it is important to have the building surveyed for the presence of asbestos. This allows you to protect yourself and those around you with professional asbestos removal in London before any construction, renovation or demolition is started.

Surveying the Building

Professionally trained and experienced technicians know just where asbestos is likely to be found. The average person may not be aware that asbestos is used in almost all types of construction materials from flooring to the material your window sills are made of or even the bath panels or the textured coatings on your ceiling or walls. Testing is done by obtaining small samples of material from both surface areas as well as hard to get to areas of the building to determine if there is a risk.

Depending on the type of renovation or project you are doing in the home or commercial building asbestos removal in London can be localised to one area or it may include the entire building. If you are completing a demolition then the entire structure will have to be tested and complete asbestos removal will be completed before the actual demolition work begins.

Protecting Workers

The professionals that complete asbestos removal in London will wear specially designed protective suits that keep asbestos particles from coming in contact with the skin. In addition they will wear masks that cover their entire face and have a special breathing apparatus to filter even the extremely small asbestos particles. They also complete very detailed training on the correct and required asbestos handling methods for the various construction materials.

Other people will be restricted from entering the building during the process of asbestos removal in London. In cases where only a portion of the building is being worked on there are temporary barriers that can be set up to prevent the air from circulating.

Protection for Others

While the workers are busy completing asbestos removal they will use plastic polyethylene film and special negative air pressure systems to contain any airborne asbestos particles. They will then use a Class H vacuum to draw in and contain even the tiniest particles, ensuring very safe asbestos removal in London.

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