Room by Room: Choosing the Best Shades and Blinds in Stamford

As you begin to choose window coverings and blinds for your home, you’re bound to notice that different rooms require different types of shades and blinds. It can be frustrating to find the perfect blinds for each space; some rooms need a little more light, some need privacy and some need a decorative touch. Keep reading for suggestions on the best Blinds in Stamford for each room in your home, and visit Dominic’s Decorating for expert answers to all your questions regarding window treatments.

Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

When it comes to young ones, safety comes first. For this reason, most parents choose cordless blinds to eliminate the risk of accidents and strangulation. These types of blinds are safest for young ones who can easily become entangled in the dangling cords common in most other blinds.


In the bathroom, privacy and water-resistance are key. A type of covering that fits both of these criteria are blinds made out of vinyl. This material won’t be damaged by humidity and direct water pressure. For privacy concerns, choose a vinyl blind without route holes. Many vertical blinds will also offer sufficient privacy; just be aware that there is generally a small gap between the window sill and the bottom of the hanging vanes.


A major concern when choosing bedroom blinds or shades is how effective they are at blocking out the sun during sleeping hours. For this reason, black-out shades have become very popular in recent years. They offer the necessary darkness to get a good night’s sleep until you’re ready to start your day.

Living Rooms

Generally, the most sought-after living room blinds bring a bit of style to the room. Vertical blinds made of an attractive, light fabric are very popular in formal living rooms, and homeowners that are worried about sun-related fabric damage can layer them over more utilitarian blinds or shades.


Kitchen blinds and shades should be easy to clean, and vinyl, wood or aluminum blinds are the most popular choices. Some homeowners also like the look of wooden shutters if they’re going for a rustic feel in their kitchen.

Choosing the perfect blinds for each room in your house should be a fun process, but you also have to keep practical needs in mind. As you’re selecting blinds and shades for your home, keep the suggestions above in mind to find the perfect blend of style and practicality. Click here for more information.


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