Rid Your Home of Fleas and Ticks with the Help of a Professional

If you have pets, you will more than likely experience a flea and tick infestation at some point in time. Fleas will come into your home on your dogs and cats and can get in the house even if you have indoor-only pets. They can be picked up from other pets they come in contact with, hop onto your clothing from outside and get carried in, or even from your very own backyard. Once you discover you have an infestation, the only thing that will help is a flea and tick treatment in NYC that pest control services offer.

Before Your Treatment

Your professional pest control expert may ask you to launder and vacuum specific areas. This may include washing all pet and human bedding in hot water, and you may need to vacuum floors, furniture, and area rugs. Don’t forget to do any pet perches, dog houses, or any other favorite spot of your dog and cats.

During the Treatment

You will more than likely be asked to take your pets and leave the home for a few hours. Your pest control team will use a flea and tick treatment with two types of active ingredients. One ingredient is an adulticide that kills all adult fleas and those in the larval stage. The other ingredient is an insect growth regulator that affects developing fleas and ticks.

After the Treatment

You will notice immediate results with far fewer fleas as soon as the treatment has been applied. Keep in mind that some fleas in the pupal stage won’t be affected until they reach adulthood. If you do see fleas, this is why, but they will soon be gone.

The professional flea and tick treatment in NYC pest control services offer will rid your home of these unwanted creatures quickly and effectively. Following all of their recommendations, getting flea and tick preventative from your vet, and routine vacuuming will continue to keep your home free of fleas and other pests.

For more information visit Beyond Pest Control Inc.

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