Rework and PCBs

The term rework is used to describe the repair of a PCB (printed circuit board). This term can also be used for the act of refinishing the PCB. Repair of these components is a job which cannot be undertaken by a novice as anything can potentially go wrong within the PCB. There are no straightforward ways of standardizing procedures therefore as a problem can have many causes and not just a standard one. Similarly mass processing will not help to repair any one single device. They need to be worked on using special techniques and tools in order to repair or replace components which are seemed to be defective. This is where important components and tools such as the BGA Reballing Kit come into their own.

Why Rework a PCB?

There are many and varied reasons why a unit may need rework. This includes but is not limited to:

Not enough solder put on joints during the assembly process

Too much solder attached to joints during assembly

Defective parts


Parts worn out and so on

In order to have a successful rework it is important that every component is tested in a timely and methodical manner. It is also important to ensure that the thermal strain on the board during repair work is kept as low as possible and that all areas of the board are treated extremely carefully and with respect. If there is a great deal of work needed or if the repairs needed are extensive a professional should always be brought in to take care of the job if you are unable to complete it yourself.

A bite sized guide to the process

  • Firstly the part you are working on needs to be desoldered which basically means separated from any other parts which are attached via the original soldering.
  • Next clean the pad array which is situated on the conductor board. Ensure there is no old tin left on it.
  • The new component needs to be positioned with precision and soldered on.

Obviously this is a very simplified overview of the full process. However there is lots of helpful information online with regards to all related processes. When a good quality and professional rework is undertaken and carried out you should find that you have no more problems with the functioning of your electronic device or assembly. Reworking is not only something which can be carried out on laptops and computers however, this is widespread in every electronic industry sector. For example in medical technology, aerospace, automobiles and so on. Without the method of reworking, the electronics industry would not be the success it is today.

A BGA Reballing Kit is available online from website Alternatively you can call. is also an excellent resource for “how to’s” and information on all manner of PCB related topics.

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