Reviewing Types Of Medical Malpractice With An Accident Lawyer In Greenbelt

In Maryland, medical malpractice claims are based on avoidable errors or injuries. The cases may include birth injuries, faulty medical devices, surgical errors, and medication mishaps. Patients who sustained injuries due to the conditions outlined under medical malpractice laws have a right to start a claim. An Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt provides legal assistance for patients who were injured.

Birth Injuries and Fatalities

Birth injuries that result in cerebral or Bell’s palsy are common reasons for legal claims. Any defects or permanent disability caused during delivery are included in possibilities, too. Any infant-related fatality linked to the delivery method, a lack of training, or avoidable errors provides the right to legal action.

Faulty Medical Devices

Information about faulty medical devices is provided to the public after cases are reported. Unfortunately, the notice or recall isn’t issued until patients have sustained injuries. Any patient that received the faulty device could have a claim against the manufacturer. Any injuries sustained and whether or not the conditions are reversible dictate the possible damages.

Injuries Resulting from Surgery

Surgical errors present an opportunity for legal claims. However, certain conditions must apply. The injury cannot be included in common risks associated with the procedure. Common reasons for the injuries are intoxication, drug abuse, and failures to comply with proper protocols. Any surgeon allowed to perform surgeries without adequate training also present liabilities. Surgical injuries are often investigated by the hospital board. The findings may affect the case, too.

Medication-Related Malpractice Cases

All medical personnel is required to create detailed medical records for patients. Any medication-related allergies are added to the patient’s file. Providing a patient a medication that causes an allergic reaction may lead to legal claims. The patient must present evidence that the medical staff was aware of the allergy and gave it to them anyway.

In Maryland, medical malpractices relate to errors or injuries that resulted from liability or negligence. Parents can file a claim if their child develops a severe brain condition due to the delivery method. Faulty medical devices that were also recalled present legally actionable territory. Patients who need to start a claim for medical malpractice contact an Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt at the Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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