Repairing your air ducts has never been easier

Any household maintenance can be costly, and sometimes your heart can sink when you realize that major repairs need to be conducted. Often, it’s not just the cost to take into consideration, but also the upheaval to your daily life and the inevitable mess that will be left behind. This has been true especially when you discovered that the ducting of your heating and cooling system needed renovation. In the past, this could even have meant digging into the foundations of your home, which would make anyone’s blood pressure rise.

A new solution to repairing ducts

Fortunately, there is a product available that means that your ducts can be repaired with a minimum of fuss and disruption. In fact, the process of using a latex coating as an HVAC liner means that the job can be completed in hours rather than days, and the heating or cooling can be used again almost immediately. This product takes the form of a coating material, which is incredibly safe to use. As it is made of a latex material, it will be resistant to mold and bacteria, and will not be susceptible to water damage.

The best thing about this coating is that it will seal all possible leaks in your ducts. When you consider that energy to create heat or cooling is expensive, and that there are energy regulations in place, this should be music to your ears. It also means that the cost of having the coating applied will be off-set by the energy savings that will be achieved over the years ahead.

Ensuring that your ducts remain in good condition

Having this latex covering over your ducts will eliminate many future problems, such as rust. However, if there was already a source of water that caused your ducts to rust in the first place, this should be traced and eliminated. Although the coating is largely impervious to water, any water leaks can cause damage in your home and should thus be located so that the problem can be fixed. Duct Armor has a patented product and can be contacted for a free quotation.

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