Repair Damaged Teeth With Dental Fillings in NYC

Most adults experience dental issues at some point. Brushing and flossing is a great way to help prevent cavities and other problems, but for some people it’s not enough. Over time slight damage can become worse, and as the damage becomes too severe a tooth may need to be repaired. In most cases a tooth can be repaired with Dental Fillings in NYC. Dental care providers can help their patients by filling in missing parts of teeth with safe and durable materials. These fillings can last for years, or they can be replaced by a crown. In order to prevent any further damage before a crown is placed most dentists will insist on a filling. This common and pain free solution can help patients prevent any further chipping or breaking in damaged teeth.

Fillings can be made from several different materials. The materials usually depend on the application. If the filling is permanent it will be made from metal, resin plastic, or porcelain. Temporary fillings are made from a different material that isn’t as durable or expensive. The material used for the filling may depend on the patient’s choice. If the patient prefers a more aesthetic choice gold or silver are common. Patients that want a more natural look will most likely choose plastic, resin, or porcelain. Although Dental Fillings in NYC can be implanted as a permanent solution they are not always as strong as teeth. The bonding process is durable and will last many years if it is cared for properly. Chewing hard foods such as ice or hard candy can damage the filling or the bonding agent. If the filling is damaged it will need to be replaced.

Dental care providers such as with Greene Street Dental of NYC can help patients with damaged teeth get the help they need to fix gaps or chips. Once the tooth is repaired patients can start to enjoy their favorite foods again without worrying about damaging a tooth further. Fillings are quick and painless. With an appointment most patients can be in and out of their dentists office in less than an hour.

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