Reliable, Affordable and Earth Friendly: Photovoltaic Panels in Hawaii

Solar energy is one of the most effective and cleanest form of sustainable energy on the planet. Hawaii has been involved in the business for over 40 years but has seen a boom in its popularity over the last decade. With the high cost of their other energy options, it only makes sense the residents of this sunny state would be ready to invest in the technology.

Photovoltaic Panels in Hawaii have helped the state become the first in the nation to achieve grid parity. Statistics show that the investment required to install solar power in a home or business in Hawaii is fully paid back in just four years in saved energy costs. This is the shortest time span in the country. While part of the credit for this achievement is due to energy costs in Hawaii being triple or more than in the rest of the country, the sophisticated industry they have established is also due credit as well.

The companies installing Photovoltaic Panels in Hawaii are able to integrate the panels into the design style of the homes and businesses they are equipping to prevent blocking views or damaging property values. In fact, homes with solar power systems typically see an increase in their value.

Investments in solar technology equipment are still eligible for large tax deductions. Along with the continued rising costs of utilities, there really is no reason for local property owners not to consider going solar.

The Sonshine Solar Corp has over 30 years of experience in the solar power business. Their technicians are trained to install solar electricity systems and solar water heaters. Their systems are always designed to be as efficient as possible.

Solar can reduce the cost of heating water by 50 percent and the electricity required for heat by as much as 90 percent. If you are interested in learning how much of an investment it will be for you to get a system that will meet your needs, contact Sonshine for a quote. They can explain what type of savings you can expect and what government rebate programs and tax deductions are available.

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