Receding Gums Chino Hills

If you have recently started noticing that your teeth seem to be further apart than they used to or that you are experiencing bleeding when you brush your teeth or floss, it is possible that you have decided that your receding gums are just a normal, unavoidable part of aging and that they aren’t something that you need to worry about. When it comes to receding gums, Chino Hills dentists will tell you however, you shouldn’t be so dismissive. Receding gums are an indication of periodontal disease or infection. These are caused by the presence of microorganisms on your teeth as well as under the gum line and your body’s response to this presence. As your gums recede, the bones of your jaw will also be impacted. The erosion of the supportive bone around your teeth can cause your teeth to become loose or even fall out.

Lose or lost teeth are not the only problem that receding gums and bone loss can cause. There are many medical concerns that are linked to receding gums, Chino Hills dentists will tell you. Some of these concerns include:

* Kidney and liver problems

* Heart disease

* igestive issues

* Increased risk of cancer

* Infection

It is critical for managing your total body health that you remain vigilant about your oral health. This means that if you start to notice symptoms of receding gums you should get into a periodontal specialist as soon as possible. This dentist will carefully evaluate your mouth and the condition of your gums in order to determine the type of treatments that you may need in order to prevent the condition from worsening or help your gums to heal. Depending on the severity of your receding gums your periodontist will perform specific procedures meant to address the specific reasons behind the receding gums and then help to protect your teeth and gums from further damage.

Mild cases of periodontal disease can be treated by gently removing the plaque and bacteria present under the gum line followed by careful oral hygiene, while more serious cases may require a surgical procedure referred to as gum grafts. This procedure involves removing healthy tissue and placing it over exposed roots so that the gums can be augmented.

Dr. Mardirossian has dedicated his professional life to providing his patients with thorough and caring periodontal care and education into oral hygiene that will support thorough oral and whole-body health throughout life. Visit for more information.

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