Reattaching a Tooth at the Emergency Dentist in Long Island

It is relatively common for permanent teeth to be knocked out of the mouth. For example, those who play in physical sports such as football may end up having teeth knocked out during play. Fortunately, it is possible for the emergency dentist in Long Island to reattach teeth. However, it is very important for patients to take care of the loose tooth. It is also important to get to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

First of all, the loose tooth should be put inside of a cup or glass of milk. Patients should try to handle the tooth as little as possible. Do not try to wash or clean the tooth. Cleaning the tooth may cause damage that makes reattachment impossible. Touching or holding the the tooth could cause damage. It is especially important to avoid touching the roots of the tooth. The roots are very sensitive to being damaged via touch.

Next, it is important to get to an emergency dentist in Long Island as soon as possible. There is a limited period of time that the tooth’s roots can be reattached. As the amount of time increases with the tooth outside of the mouth, the greater the chances that reattachment will be unsuccessful. That is why time is of the essence when it comes to teeth that has been knocked out. If it is not possible to get to a dentist quickly, another option is to attempt to put the tooth back into the original socket. Once the tooth is back in the original socket, bite down very gently to keep the tooth in the socket without moving around. If the tooth is successfully returned to the socket, the patient will have additional time to reach the emergency dentist.

There is no guarantee that a broken tooth can be reattached to the mouth. If the roots are too badly damaged, it will not be possible to reattach the tooth. Excessive damage to the rest of the tooth may make reattachment impossible as well. Despite that, most people who are able to reach the emergency dentist quickly with a loose tooth that is properly handled will be able to get the tooth reattached


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