Reasons an Attorney in Gulfport MS Should Deal with Insurance Companies after a Vehicle Accident

by | May 8, 2014 | Lawyer

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Vehicle accidents can be a very upsetting experience. Not only does the victim in the accident have to worry with the injuries they suffer during the accident, but the will also need to deal with paying for the medical treatments he or she will need to have to recuperate properly. While the other driver’s insurance should cover these types of costs, getting payment for them is not always as easy as it seems. Many times the best way for an injured person to obtain a fair settlement to cover their expenses is by contacting an Attorney in Gulfport MS for help with the case.

Many times a person involved in this type of accident will try to treat the matter in the same way they do other type of insurance claims. However, when it comes to vehicle accidents, most of these types of cases are handled differently. Rather than dealing with one cost at a time, the insurance company will often try to make a lump sum offer to settle the case. While this can be a good way to cover the costs, it is very important for the injured person to be sure they do not agree to this type of settlement before they should.

One of the main ways an insurance company will try to reduce the money they spend on settlements is by persuading and injured person to settle the case early. While this can feel like a great benefit to the person who is dealing with medical bills and loss of income. Generally, it is a disadvantage to be avoided. Most times an Attorney in Gulfport MS will caution against early settlements, as they know from experience, until the patient is released by their medical doctor, anything can happen. If a doctor discovers further problems or injuries have occurred due to the accident, if a settlement has already been made the new expenses will not be covered and this can create a very difficult financial situation for the victim.

Instead, most attorneys from a firm like, Holder Law Group PLLC will recommend their client wait to settle until their physician has released them from treatment and they are able to return to work. At such a time, the lawyer will then go over the expenses and costs before presenting a settlement request to the insurance company.

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