Read some of the pieces of mother’s wisdom we’ve picked up from our moms

Mother’s Day is an important one at Comfort Keepers. In the role of caregiver at a home healthcare agency, we mirror those caring traits of great moms in our interactions with our clients. Most of those caring traits we first learned from out moms, along with some other really good advice! See the pieces of sage advice we’ve received from our moms, and add them to your own list of ‘Mother’s Wisdom,’ below.
Quotes From Our Comfort Keepers Team Members About Wisdom from Mom

Our moms are our greatest cheerleaders and our best advocates throughout our entire lives! Here are some of the best pieces of advice we’ve received:

“I proudly share that my Mom encouraged me to stay focused, work hard and be true to myself. It is because of her, I am able to carry her strong beliefs and share these same wisdom points with my own children.”

-Patti Foster, Care Advisor.

“Be helpful when you can. My mom, Gertrude Elgesma, and I participated in the Social Worker Health Fair in?March. Mom was a big help!”

– Cecile Morgrage, Community Liaison.

“So my mom always encouraged me to have a trade; to “get a license” in whatever you do. She was a teacher and then middle school principal. She always had her teaching license to fall back on when needed.? I got my RN License after college and knew that no matter what I would always be employable. She had a strong work ethic and taught me the same. It’s one of the best things she gave me, to be self-sufficient.”

-Mary Spake, Training Manager.

“Growing up, I watched my mom through every deed and action show that she never met a stranger and took great interest in people.  She was a high school science teacher who taught me to look for the good in others.  A saying she used most often that will be forever etched in my memory is, ‘pretty is as pretty does.’  My mom taught me that true beauty is what you find on the inside of a person.”

– Tracy Kelley, Owner/Operator

“I will always think of my Mom as a ‘woman of faith.’ Whenever there was a problem or a challenge, she would always point us to God’s Word and challenge us to line up with it. While juggling 4 kids, a job, and being the wife of a Pastor, she always did it with grace and an infectious smile. Mom taught me to love God, to love people, and never to lose myself in others’ expectations.”

– Jenn Garcia, Office Manger

Author Cheryl Lacey Donovan wrote “Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.” All those verbs that define being a mother—encouraging, helping, loving, teaching, etc.—are all components of being a caregiver. In providing excellent in-home care, at the end of the day we have our mothers to thank for teaching us so well.

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