Quick Thorough Guide of Things to Look for in Used Wakeboard Boats

Wakeboard boats are boats with an inboard engine positioned at the boats rear to create a larger wake. This configuration is what’s called the v-drive. Direct drives, on the other hand, position the engine underneath the boat, causing lesser turbulence. Wakes are regions of turbulent flow trailing the back of the boat, which set the stage for recreation, extreme sports and stunts. Larger wakes are most suitable for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. That’s one thing to look for in used wakeboard boats in Dallas; and here are several others:

Full History
You have to know why the owner is selling his wakeboard boat and how has he been using the boat before. Know what repairs and maintenance work he has done to keep the engine good and working optimally. Ask for records, especially if the boat has been serviced in the past.

Counter check the boat’s hours against his story. Most occasional or weekend boaters will log around 100 hours a year or less. Generally, a boat that has seen 500 hours and up may mean you will spend more in maintenance costs later on. Together with usage, ask about storage habits. Buying boats constantly exposed to the elements will be a disadvantage to you.

Thorough Inspection
Before purchasing used wakeboard boats in Dallas, make sure to thoroughly check the boat’s idle and working conditions, preferably with a mechanic:

1. Hull – Scrutinize for signs of prior accidents or neglect. Inspect and take a walk. Tap on the entire hull and hear for any soft or hollow spots. Check for mismatched coats of paint and chipping, which indicate that repairs have been done. Check where the motor attaches to the hull, because that can be a weak point.

2. Floor – The floor is often made of wood, so any neglect may show through rotting. Feel for softer spots and pay attention to mildew when you view the floor up close.

3. Propeller – Make sure that there is minimal damage to the propeller. Look for warps, cracks and nicks, which can affect the boat’s performance in the water.

4. Engine – Check the oil level in the engine. Take note if it is full, recently changed, dirty, or murky (may be mixed with water). The latest motors aren’t oil gobblers so be wary if the engine’s low in oil. If the engine looks great, look for tightness and wearing out in the belts and hoses, indicating that you may need to replace the inexpensive parts sooner.

Test Drive
Always arrange for a test drive of used wakeboard boats because the boat’s engine is best evaluated through testing. Here’s a good list of things to check:
1. For boats with electronic ignition and/or fuel injection, engines should start fast
2. Unusual sounds coming from the engine like grinding
3. Alternator output
4. Steering response
5. Gear transition for smoothness
6. Trim for angled position
7. Excessive vibration and noise, which could be due to propeller problems
8. Functioning bilge
9. Gauges and instruments for accuracy
10. Capacity to handle added weight
11. Extras like radios, stereos, life jackets and anchors


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