Questions and Answers About Getting an Oil Change in North Liberty LA

Part of the basic maintenance and upkeep on any type of motor vehicle is arranging for periodic oil changes. Over time, the process has undergone a lot of changes. Simply put, the rules that applied in years past are not necessarily still the best advice today. Here’s some basic questions that many consumers have about getting an oil change in North Liberty IA and some up to date answers to those questions.How Often Should the Oil Be Changed? Conventional wisdom holds that an oil change in North Liberty LA should take place every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. This advice hails from an era when oil products were very different from what they are like today. It is not unusual for some manufacturers to now recommend oil changes every 5-7,000 miles instead. The best plan is to talk with the mechanic who services the vehicle regularly. Based on the condition of the oil when it was changed in the past, it will be easier to determine if the owner can wait a little longer or needs to have the oil changed more frequently. Does the Filter Always Need Changing? When the system is flushed, a new oil filter is a must. The previous filter is loaded with contaminants that would adversely affect the performance of the new oil. A combination of new oil and a new filter will help reduce stress on the engine and ensure that it operates more efficiently. How Long Does an Oil Change Take? Oil and filter changes can usually be managed in thirty minutes or less. This is the amount of time to complete the actual process. If there are other customers who must be taken care of first, the waiting time will be longer. Keep in mind that going through the steps of an oil change is easier with certain makes and models than it is with others. This means that a new oil and filter may take less than a half hour with some cars, and maybe a little more when the engine design makes it to drop the oil pan, drain out the old oil, and reach the filter for removal and replacement.

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