Questions About Selling Your Old Wrecked Vehicles To Junk Dealers In Ft. Collins

If you have old junked or wrecked vehicles taking up valuable space on your land, you can sell them for cash and make your property look better. When you contact Junk Dealers in Ft. Collins, a driver will bring a tow truck to your location and pick up your old junk cars for you. Below you’ll learn more information about selling your old vehicles for cash.

Q.) Will you still buy the old wrecked cars on my property even if I don’t have the keys or the titles to the vehicles?
A.) You won’t need any keys or titles to the vehicles we pick up. Many wrecked cars won’t start or run anyway and the company brings a tow truck to haul the vehicles away, so there’s no need for any keys. You don’t even have to present a title for the company to tow away your non-running or junk vehicles. This makes it quicker and there’s no hassle for you to try and find an old title that’s lost.

Q.) My old junk cars are parked way back in a weedy field away from my house. Will you still be able to pick up the old cars for me?
A.) If a vehicle can drive down to the area where the junk cars are located, then they can be picked up. Someone will have to be at the property to show the tow truck driver where the cars are located.

Q.) Is someone available to pick up my old wrecked car on the weekend, since I work all week?
A.) Professional Junk Dealers in Ft. Collins work with you and your schedule and they can come pick up your old vehicles whenever it’s convenient for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a Saturday or a Sunday and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is either. Whenever you’re ready to have your old vehicle picked up, someone can be there within the hour to pick up your old car.

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