Pursuing a Masters in Arts Education in Chicago

While there are many factors when deciding where to study for an M. A. in Arts Education, the primary concerns might be location, cost and program integrity. Many students think that the cost of attending a college dictates the quality of the degree earned and that is not necessarily the case. Quality education can be accommodating to any schedule and can be affordable.

Earning a Masters in Arts Education

Studying for an Arts Education master’s degree could provide a jumping-off point for many career options. Teachers, artists, museum curators and activists could greatly benefit from this degree path. Earning an MAAE degree could lead to rewarding careers not only in art but in youth services, public education and museum management, to name but a few.

Customized Degree Plans

An MAAE degree from SAIC can be created to meet the individual career goals of each student. The 36-credit curriculum can be completed by students who attend full-time or part-time.

With a focus on community leadership through art, SAIC also uses Chicago itself as its field campus. As part of individually tailored degree plans, students have completed field studies with such organizations as the Chicago Park District and Project Onward.

Getting Started

Flexibility, affordability and world-class learning opportunities could be just a phone call away. Find out all the details about completing a Masters in Arts Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) by calling (800)232-7242.

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