Purchasing An Engagement Ring – Selecting Your Gemstone

Purchasing a wedding engagement ring is a very important purchase thus it is essential that you get it right. Aside from the fact that it’ll cost you a great of money (which can be as much as a month’s salary), it will stay on your fiance and wife’s hand for a continual reminder of that extraordinary moment. Most engagement rings are typically made of diamond, and the practice of giving your wife-to-be a ring that is made of diamond is said to date as far back as the year 1477 when Austria’s Archduke Maximilian presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. He placed the ring on her third finger, which according to Egyptian folklore, has a direct link with the heart.

You probably already know that diamonds can be extremely costly, and the bigger and more lovely the diamond is, the costlier it will be. Before you go shopping for a ring, it is worth taking the time to understand how diamond quality is measured. Jewelers assess diamonds utilizing what is referred to as the 4 Cs, which are Carat, clarity, color and cut. Cut defines the diamond’s shape. Round cut is the commonest however there are other options including heart, emerald, marquise, princess, pearl and oval. The quality or attributes of the cut determines how the features are sized and angled, and this determines the manner the stone interacts with light.

Generally, the less color a diamond has, the better the quality. Colorless diamonds are said to have the greatest quality and are typically graded D. other tones and colors are graded from E to Z. some intensely colored diamonds (called fancies) are extremely rare. There is practically no diamond that is perfectly clear. All diamonds have small inclusions. They’re graded from1 F (the really flawless ones) to 13 (called imperfect 3). Diamonds graded as S11 indicate slightly occluded. These types are the commonest. Carat simply refers to the diamond’s weight. One carat diamond (0.2 gram) has hundred points, and a diamond engagement ring will have between one hundred and one hundred and fifty points. If you are looking to buy high quality diamond jewelry at affordable rates, you may wan to check out Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers.

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