Protect the Structure of Your Home With Termite Control in Brooklyn

Perhaps one of the most invasive insect problems that people in Brooklyn face is the termite. Termites are tiny little insects that resemble ants. In fact, for a very long time they have been considered a member of the ant species because of their appearance and hive like activity. However, subsequent study has determined that the termite is actually a member of the cockroach family. One major difference between termites and roaches though is the food they eat. This is also what makes the termite such a problem and why termite control in Brooklyn so important.

Termites live on a variety of dead plant matter. This means wood fiber, dried leaves and many other items that may be in your home or yard. While this works fine when the insect is living in the forest where their primary function is to eliminate dead trees and other fallen plants, it presents a very real problem in cities where we use wood as part of the construction process. A termite infestation in your home can quickly destroy the underlying structure of the building making repairs extremely difficult or even impossible. Thankfully, termite control in Brooklyn is available to help eliminate this problem.

One method of termite control in Brooklyn involves the application of a trench around the infested area. This method of treatment is used around foundations, cellars and crawl spaces as well as any floor supports such as piers. In severe infestations the exterminator will need to drill holes in the foundation to insert a pesticide which is designed to eliminate the insect. In lesser infestations the problem can be alleviated by placing baits around possible colonies or water sources. However, it must be determined how large the problem is before any decisions can be made.

Improperly treating the termite infestation can actually make your problems worse. For instance, if the termites are more numerous than suspected then too little pesticide will simply kill off part of the problem while the rest continue to munch on your home. This is where an experienced termite control company like Business Name becomes important. These professionals know exactly where to search for your problem and how to eliminate it.

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