Properly Tailoring Your Water Treatment in Ocala, FL

There are several methods for water treatment in Ocala FL. Which ones are the best for you depend on the source of your water and which water aspects you find troublesome. Typically, you’ll encounter different problems with municipal water than you will with city water, so a water treatment system provider will ask about the source before asking for specifics.

City water in Florida is some of the most awful-tasting stuff in the nation by many people’s accounts. While it won’t make you sick, it’s not something that many people will lick their lips for! Therefore, one of the biggest demands when it comes to this water source is to get rid of the taste of the chemicals that are put into it. Carbon filtration systems are great for making water taste and smell better, so they will likely be suggested. A five-stage filtration system is even better for this water. These systems provide a combination of carbon and particle filters, and finish off with a reverse osmosis membrane. They won’t just get rid of the taste of all of the additives, they’ll actually remove them. Keep in mind that a good five-stage filtration system will also remove fluoride. This is great for anti-fluoride people, but if you like it, you should pick up some fluoride mouthwash to make up for this removal.

Florida well water can taste much better than city water, and is often decent-tasting right out of the tap. Alas, it can also carry many more minerals than city water. Therefore, softening is commonly needed for this water. This will stop the water from leaving mineral residue in your sinks and spots on your clothes. Softening removes calcium and magnesium and replaces it with sodium, but you should note that it won’t get rid of rust or silt. Therefore, you may need to add some sort of filtration system for full well water treatment in Ocala FL.

To be sure that you get the best water treatment system for your water source and its associated problems, you should check out a multi-system dealer like EcoWater Systems. A dealer that has a variety of options is most likely to suggest the best one instead of trying to convince you that one kind will do everything. They’ll also be more likely to have the perfect solution for any water problems you may have.

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