Professional Plumbers have the Right Tools for Fast and Thorough Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain is a major headache. It can prevent a family from using a bathroom, kitchen sink, or washing machine. Instead of hiring a plumber, people may attempt to clear the drain themselves. They go to the hardware store and buy a product that will dissolve a blockage caused by grease or hair. However, there is no guarantee that the clog can be dissolved. Physical objects such as a child’s toy or tree root will not respond to chemical drain cleaners. A professional plumber in Roscoe can use a remote camera attached to a steel snake to determine what type of drain cleaning will be effective.

In addition to allowing the plumber to see the type of material causing the blockage, the camera will also transmit the exact location of the clog. If the plumber can see a plastic toy in the drain and it’s within 75 feet, he may decide to use a metal claw to pull it out. The same mechanized steel claw can pulverize a grease and hair clog. Hydro-jetting is often used if the clog is deep within the system. Water is forced through a special high-pressure nozzle at 5,000 psi. This powerful drain cleaning is capable of clearing almost all types of grease, debris, and tree roots. The plumber in Roscoe will use the camera to verify that the clog is completely cleared.

Home-owners also have plumbers in Roscoe inspect their drain system, before a problem occurs. The camera can travel the full length of the system and determine how much grease and debris are building upon the sides of the pipes. Hydro jetting can be used to clean the drains and prevent a clog. It can also warn home-owners that trees have started to invade the drain pipes. When caught early the tree roots can be flushed out and the pipes relined. Trees should never be planted within 20 feet of a drain pipe. During a dry spell, roots will travel several feet to find water. They are attracted to the moisture within the plumbing system.

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