Procedures an Oral Surgeon Harrisburg PA Can Assist With

If you’re tired of coping with pain and discomfort from damaged or broken teeth, an oral surgeon may be able to assist you. When you’re ready to begin to repair your teeth, the surgeon can work with you to install dental implants, remove your wisdom teeth, or perform necessary cosmetic work. These procedures can relieve pain, but they can also improve your appearance and self confidence.

An oral surgeon can assist you with:

Dental Implants
If you have missing or damaged teeth, an Oral Surgeon Harrisburg PA can help. These medical professionals will work with you to remove the damaged tooth from the root, then implant a prosthetic one. There’s no need to suffer each day from the pain and embarassment of broken, damaged teeth. Instead, contact a cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon in your area to learn about the options that are available to you.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth that are coming in incorrectly or that are impacted can cause a great deal of pain. If you’re experiencing the pain and suffering that wisdom teeth can cause, it may be time to consider having yours surgically removed. An Oral Surgeon Harrisburg PA can help you evalute the situation, so that you can decide if you want to have one, two, or all four of your wisdom teeth extracted.

Cosmetic Repair
Broken teeth, crooked teeth, or damaged gums can not only cause pain — they can also affect your looks. If you’re tired of the cosmetic effects of dental damage, it may be time to contact a cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon. The doctor will perform an initial evaluation, then provide you with a detailed treatment plan. This will allow you to make decisions about your treatment, then work through it one step at a time.

A dental professional can assist you as you work to repair teeth that are causing you pain, or are damaged or broken. If you’ve been experiencing discomfort due to dental damage, a cosmetic professional can help. These surgeons are skilled with everything from cleft palate and tongue tie to dental implants, and are willing to help with most types of oral issues.