Preventing Vandalism – Keep your Business Safe

With the recent run of graffiti related vandalism in the downtown Vegas area frustrating business owners, it’s never been more important to keep your business safe from vandals. Vandalism can lead to more than damage to the exterior of your building; it can also lead to interior damage including water and Fire Damage in Las Vegas that can cost you thousands of dollars. By taking a few steps to protect your business premises you can deter vandals and prevent vandalism from occurring.

Steps to Take

Installing lighting that is efficient and bright will help make your business more visible, whether it is located on a main road or set in a more rural area. Vandals are less likely to target your premises if they think there is a chance of being seen and caught! Surveillance cameras can also help in this respect, although you don’t have to spend a fortune installing top of the range cameras. Often, fake cameras installed outside a building are enough to deter criminals, who would rather not take the risk.

Security Measures

It might sound like common sense, but ensure that your premises are locked up at night. It’s worthwhile using unbreakable glass to avoid vandalism, and installing a metal shutter at the front of your premises to deter thieves and vandals, as well as ensuring that any side gates to your property are secured. You should also lock away valuables and expensive equipment and ensure that no money is left on the premises overnight – it’s often a good idea to put a sign advertising this fact in the window of your business, if possible.


Fire Damage Las Vegas to local businesses is not uncommon, but by installing an alarm system which will alert the business owner or police immediately in the event of a break-in, you can minimize the chances of an arson attack. If criminals are caught in the act, they often don’t have time to carry out their plans, and you could save your business from ruin by investing just a few hundred dollars in a top of the range alarm system – make sure that you remember to train your employees how to use it!

Fire Prevention

If you’re specifically looking to prevent fire damage to your property then you need to invest in fire safety equipment, smoke detectors and automatic sprinklers, to prevent damage being caused by fire, whether started intentionally or not. Ensure that flammable items are locked away in a secure place and tidy up rubbish – a small fire once started can easily spread if there is plenty of fuel for it. Never underestimate the importance of educating your employees on fire and arson prevention as well as the security of the building.

Vandals will always exist but there are a number of ways you can help to prevent them targeting your business, by making some simple changes to your security.

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