Preventing Relapse With Ongoing Aftercare at an Alcohol Rehab Center in Newark DE

Feeling nostalgic about the past in regard to excessive drinking is sometimes referred to as romancing the drink. It’s a potentially dangerous mental activity to indulge in because doing so can result in a relapse. Participating in a 12-step group and long-term aftercare with an Alcohol Rehab Center in Newark DE can help people in recovery effectively manage temptations when they find themselves reminiscing about the good old days.

End the Nostalgia

When someone’s mind starts traveling down this path, it’s essential to end the nostalgic meandering right away. This person may experience fond sensory memories as small as the crack of a beer can opening or the aroma of rum as it splashes into the glass. Daydreaming about fun times at the local pub, and missing that mild sense of euphoria provided by a glass of wine after a tough day at work, are invitations to trouble ahead.

The stresses of the workday and other areas of a person’s life are likely to pop up again now and then since that’s the way things normally happen. The local pub or one like it is still around, and the positive feelings generated by a moderate amount of alcohol may be calling the person’s name. This is why it’s crucial not to dwell on these aspects. When someone feels compelled to daydream, calling the sponsor or going to a group meeting can stop that bad habit. So can ongoing aftercare with an Alcohol Rehab Center in Newark DE.

Unexpected Triggers

These types of memories are prevalent for people in recovery, so nobody should feel guilty or ashamed about it. They can be triggered unexpectedly by hearing a specific song on the radio, running into a former acquaintance in a store, seeing a social media update or any number of experiences.

The problem definitely must be addressed immediately when the person starts thinking along the lines of, “What harm would just one glass of wine do?” After participating in alcohol rehab at an organization such as PACE, this person has the tools to help avoid a serious misstep. More information on this particular center can be seen at website.

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