Preventative Maintenance Tips After Getting Your Residential AC Installation in Haines CIty FL

If you are thinking about remodeling your home or doing some type of upgrade, don’t forget to include the upgrade and/or installation of your HVAC or air conditioning system. While you are including the installation of a new air conditioning unit, it would be good to know what to guidelines you need to follow afterwards to ensure that you get the best years out of your system.

A company that does Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL follows certain procedures for installations and believes that when it comes to your system, there should be 70% maintenance for preventative measures and the other 30% is reactive maintenance (which may be something that is beyond your control). Here are just a few preventative maintenance tips of which you should take advantage.

* One of the many things you can do as a homeowner that will help save your brand new air conditioner and save you money on your energy bill as well is to keep the filter cleaned. The air conditioner filter may very well be to your unit what your nose is to your body. It is designed to keep everything running smoothly and when the filters are stopped up, your system can’t function as efficiently as it could.

* Keep all of your drain lines and the drip pans cleaned on a routine basis. Doing this quarterly may be just the right time frame to ensure efficient maintenance on your unit.

* Keep the bearings oiled and lubricated on your unit. This will help to reduce the unit from overheating and save on your energy bill as well. At the same time, checking the refrigerant (Freon) levels are always good to ensure the levels are still at the right points.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your unit for a long time. Now, that you are ready to find a company to do your Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL, you will be ready to take care of your system properly. Charles M Watts AC has been providing air conditioning, heating and other HVAC services to customers in Haines City, FL and the surrounding areas for over 35 years.

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