Prevent Termite Problems With Proper Mulch Use By Landscapers in Morristown, NJ

There are many advantages to using mulch in the yard, playground, or garden if it is used properly. Improper use can lead to termites getting in the mulch and then into any nearby building, shed, or fencing. Here are some tips about proper mulch use to prevent termites from getting into nearby homes and buildings.

Use Thin Layers

The most damaging type of termite is the subterranean or underground termite. They have soft bodies that quickly dry up in heat and light. A very thick layer of mulch makes a nice tunnel for termites to move about in. The entomology department at the University of Kentucky recommends homeowners and Landscapers in Morristown NJ and elsewhere use no more than two to three inches of mulch. This thin layer helps retain moisture for trees and other plants but lets in enough sunlight and heat to dry out termite bodies.

Never Touch Wood

Home and business owners should never let mulch touch wood such as wooden fencing, house foundations, walls, or porches. Iowa State University notes that termite scouts travel as far as 300 feet from the colony to find food. If a scout gets into mulch that touches a building, the scout has very little distance to travel to find a yummy source of food for the hungry colony. Keep mulch at least seven inches away from any wooden structure.

No Such Thing As Termite-Proof Mulch

Although there are many ads claiming that certain types of mulch are termite proof, there is no such thing as a termite-proof mulch. Termites have been found in mulch not made of plants, including gravel and rubber. If a termite can easily tunnel through a moist material, it will be attracted to it. Ask Landscapers in Morristown NJ for the best mulch based on qualities other than being termite-proof.

In Conclusion

Termites are attracted to thick layers of mulch since it not only provides food but a moist area safe from the sun to get the food. Never place mulch so that it is touching any part of a building, wooden fence, or other structure. Have more questions about using mulch and live in the Morristown, New Jersey area?

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