Preserve a Senior’s Independence With Home Health Care in Dayton

For as long as you can remember, going to live in a rest home has been your mother’s worst nightmare, one she has elaborated upon to you with great detail and passion all of her life. Now she’s a senior citizen, and while she’s certainly not bedridden, she doesn’t get around as nimbly as she once did, and her mind isn’t quite as razor sharp as it used to be, either (unless you’re on the topic of rest homes).

You love your mother. You worry about her. You work a full time job and are not able to spend as much time with her as you wish that you could. Like a sounding gong in the back of your mind is her lifelong fear of being “put away in a home,” yet you see that she needs some help, nothing much, but a bit of help with the house and with personal care, perhaps with managing her medicine.

So what is a dutiful daughter, who loves her mother to do? The answer is simple: look for Home Health Care Dayton, for a provider staffed with compassionate and understanding people such as the employees of Horizon Home HealthCare LLC. They provide all levels of home health care, from skilled nursing to someone who simply functions as a companion, perhaps running errands, doing light housekeeping or preparing meals. An added benefit is that they accept most insurance!

It is troubling for family members to see those whom they love and have always depended upon slowly lose their ability to do for themselves. It is hard for senior citizens to make the transition from the independent person they have always been to someone dependent upon others. Many seniors fear being institutionalized, forgotten and ignored. It is a legitimate concern!

Home Health Care Dayton is the force that bridges the gap between a senior citizen’s loss of independence and need to go to a rest home. With the personal care services that home health care provides, many seniors are able to remain in their own homes independently and to live out their lives gracefully and with dignity. By choosing to employ the services of home health, family members have the satisfaction of knowing that they faithfully honored their loved one’s wishes to remain in their own homes.