Preparing for Tooth Extractions in Effingham, IL

When there is the need to extract a tooth, it pays to make some preparations before the day of the dental appointment. While Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL, are considered routine procedures, that does not mean the patient can have the tooth pulled and then go on as if nothing has occurred. There are preparations to be made that will help before and after the procedure.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

Discontinuing the Use of Certain Medications – For a few days before those Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL, it pays to curtail the use of certain kinds of over the counter and prescription medications. In particular, any medications that cause the blood to thin should be avoided. Doing so will make it much easier for the blood to clot in the empty socket once the tooth is removed and protect the nerves from severe irritation. That, in turn, will help reduce the amount of pain the patient experiences when the sedation begins to wear off.

Dealing with Swelling – It pays to assume there will be some swelling once the tooth is removed. The best approach is to keep something cold on hand that can be pressed against the cheek. The cold will help ease the swelling and make it all the easier for the body to begin healing. Along with cold packs that adapt to the shape of the face, it is even possible to use a small bag of frozen peas if the need arises.

Pain Medication – While many people do not require pain medication after an extraction, dentists can recommend over the counter products that help with inflammation and reduce the level of soreness they experience. Typically, those products do not thin the blood, making them safer for use. If the pain does not begin to subside in a reasonable amount of time, it makes sense to go back to the dentist and find out if some sort of infection has set in. For more information on tooth extractions and what to expect, Click Here and learn how to prepare for this type of dental procedure. Making the right type of arrangements in advance will help the patient to be more comfortable once the tooth is removed, and also help the healing process to proceed without any type of complications.

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