Popular Types of Dirt Bikes in Houston, TX

When one wants to use a motorcycle off road, they use bikes that are made specifically for this purpose. There are a number of different types of dirt bikes available, each for different types of off road riding. These bikes are ideal for cross-country rides over muddy and rocky terrain, and are available with two different types of engines, two-stroke and four-stroke. Beginners in the sport of off road motorcycling may find that they are confused by the many different models available, because each one offers different features. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how many features are available, there are usually four basic categories for dirt bikes.

Motocross bikes are used for tracks that have rough terrain and jumps. They are made for racing, and use single-cylinder engines that provide fast speeds. The suspension systems are built to handle jumps. These are popular dirt bikes in Houston, TX, and they don’t have a lot of extra features to weigh them down. The seat is usually long and flat, so riders can shift their weight quickly.

Enduro bikes are used for races that are long, and that have many different ground surfaces. They look a lot like a motocross bike, but the frames are lighter, and they have other features motocross bikes don’t have, including turn signals, headlights, and mirrors. They are not the most comfortable bikes, and aren’t meant to be used for long, casual rides.

Trail riders are used for rough terrain, and are commonly seen dirt bikes in Houston, TX. They can handle extremely rough terrain, but they are not designed for high-speed racing and jumps. They look a lot like endure bikes, with foot pets in a comfortable position. They are lightweight, and have long suspensions with larger tires.

Dual-sport bikes have headlights, turn signals, mirrors, and speedometers, making them street legal. They can be ridden on and off road, and are heavier than other types of dirt bikes. These bikes are not meant for racing. They are easier for beginners to use and learn on, because they are easier to balance than other bikes. To learn more about the various models available, talk to the experts at BOR Motorsports.

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