Popular Landscaping Trends

There are two main themes when it comes to landscaping today. The first is creating outdoor living spaces. More people are dedicated to bringing their design sense and comfort from the inside of their homes, outside. It creates a larger entertaining area and, for those who suffer through long, cold winters, it allows them to enjoy as much outside time as possible.

The second theme is for creating an environmentally sound or sustainable landscape. It involves finding solutions which allow the home owner to have all of the beauty and use of their yard without the application of harmful pesticides or overuse of resources.

As for design, there are some popular trends as well. Some are new, emerging ideas while others are just reimagining or expanding on previously popular trends. The most popular trends are currently:


Accent lighting, spotlights to highlight landscaping features and lights for visibility are all gaining in popularity. Just like in the home, outside lighting helps to create the mood the home owner is attempting to invoke. Many outdoor lighting is solar powered, helping to prevent large utility bills.


Flowers, fruits and vegetables are all being grown in abundance in the backyards (and front yards) across the country. Innovative techniques like container gardening, terraced gardens and raised bed methods have made it possible to grow a lot in a small space as well as combine the aesthetic with the sensible.


Organic shelters of vines on trellises, plants and trees are taking the place of many large umbrellas or covered decks. They provide shade and keep the landscape natural and beautiful. Many of these areas are used for seating or dining spaces. The emphasis remains on appearance, but also on comfort.

A Solid Surface

Without a comfortable surface to walk on and anchor your seating areas, the rest of the design will be lacking. If you are ready to begin designing your backyard oasis contact Libardi Island Landscaping. As a Masonry Contractor in Islip NY, they can help you to create a patio or design beautiful walkways which will wind their way throughout your yard. Keep your design cohesive and natural by utilizing their natural stone or cobblestone products on driveways, entries and walls. They also build fireplaces, home veneers and much more.

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