Pool Service in Dracut, MA: Opening an Above Ground Swimming Pool

With summer fast approaching, many people are starting to think about getting their above ground swimming pools ready for the season. While this isn’t a huge job, there are a number of steps involved to ensure that the water is clean and clear, and ready for swimmers. There are two options for opening a pool for the season. Owners can purchase the chemicals and do it themselves, or they can save the time and energy and hire a professional pool company to take care of it for them. If they do decide to open their own pools, they can buy the chemicals directly from the pool company.

Opening a pool should be done early in May, so the pool is ready as soon as the weather gets nice and warm. The first thing to do is remove the winter pool cover. Before doing this, remove any leaves and debris that may be on top of the cover. This can easily be done with a leaf scoop, which can be purchased from the local pool service in Dracut, MA. Once the cover is off, lay it flat on the ground to dry before putting it away for the season.

The next step is to connect the pump and filter, and remove any winter plugs that have been installed. The filter should be cleaned if it wasn’t before the pool was closed for the season. Older filters should be replaced, and can be purchased from the pool service. Once everything is connected, top off the pool with water until it is at the proper level for swimming. Start up the pump and filter, and check for any leaks, fixing any that are found.

As long as closing chemicals were used, the water should be clean and clear. If not, remove debris from the pool with the pool vacuum, then test the water chemistry with the test strip in the opening chemical kit. This needs to be done only after the new and old water have circulated for 12 hours. The test strip will show the PH levels, so pool owners know which chemicals are necessary to use. To avoid all this, simply call the local pool service in Dracut, and have all the work done quickly by professionals.

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