Pond Design and Pond Supplies in Westchester County, NY

Homeowners today are all interested in ways to improve their homes curb appeal. Interesting features, particularly water features, can make a home stand out. One of these features is a pond. Whether it is a Koi pond or something else, these beautiful designs can turn a bland yard into something special. Pond designs are as different as the people who design them. There are some which are quiet, meditative spaces. Some are designed to create a unique area to entertain. Other ponds are designed to be family-friendly and rustic. Whatever style you choose, the only way to build one is with the best equipment you can afford. The pond water must be kept healthy to keep your fish healthy and to make it look appealing. Uncared for ponds can smell and build up algae. These areas will accomplish the exact opposite of what you were intending. Certain products are necessary for any design differing only according to what size pond you are installing. Pond Supplies in Westchester County, NY include items such as liners, filters and motors. The rest are items which will create the atmosphere, waterfall or fountains, the size of rocks and what other materials you prefer. Final considerations include what type of fish you are interested in and knowing how many a pond your size can support. It is important to know how much time you will have for maintenance and care of your fish because this matters when selecting the type and size. You will also need to decide what plants and grasses you want in and near the pond. Again, this can depend on the fish you stock it with.

You may find you have more questions than answers or that you need some assistance with the entire project. If this is the case, a professional such as those at Beital’s Aquarium can help. They carry all of the Pond Supplies in Westchester County, NY you will ever need. The have preassembled ponds or can build one for you from the ground up. They will help you pick the right equipment and fish and advise you on how to maintain it afterwards. If you are going to put in the effort, take the time to do it right. Get the answers you need by contacting Beital’s Exotic Aquariums before you start.

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