Policies for Oil and Gas Insurance in Houston

Every business has its own share of risks, but running a company involved in the oil and gas industry can be especially risky for a host of reasons. Like any other business these policies are written to protect companies in traditional ways, such as through workers compensation coverage and commercial automobile insurance.

In addition, these types of businesses need a tremendous amount of liability coverage, both for protection against the regular accidents and incidents which can occur in any business, but also to cover any excess. This excess can come from a number of places, but it is particularly valuable for protection against the damages, clean up expenses and lawsuits which can occur in an environmental disaster.

Oil and gas Insurance in Houston can be tailored to cover the special equipment needed within the industry, including any tools and gear required for drilling, delivery and beyond. It can also be written to cover oil rigs, delivery vehicles and much more. Add-on policies can help to protect the many contractors working on and around company property as well as the equipment they require while on site. The work of specialists like engineers and consultants working under contract with the company are able to be covered as well.

Particularly important are the policies available to cover the fuel itself. This type of Oil and gas Insurance in Houston will provide coverage for loss of the fuels stored in tanks, up to the maximum number of gallons specified in the policy. These are typically valued to be the cost of the fuel at the time of the initial delivery. The premiums for oil and gas companies can be written to protect products at multiple locations as well as while in the process of delivery.

Obviously, how your policy will be written and what will need to be covered will depend on the nature of your business itself. Metro Allied Insurance can help you to select the right protection for your needs to make certain you are always covered no matter what the circumstances are. Contact them today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business.


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