Pet Monument in CT Craft for Kids

When a beloved pet passes away, it is a difficult time for family. Kids especially, feel the loss. Thanks to Pet Monuments in CT companies, you can have a special stone memorial made to honor a lost friend. You can also have the kids make a simple stone memorial to go along with it. Here’s how they can make one:

What You Need:

* Paver stone

* Outdoor paint

* Brushes

* Letter stencils

* Plastic animal figure

* Waterproof super glue


1. Paint the entire paver stone any color outdoor paint the kids want to use. Make it multi-colored, if they so wish. Let it dry completely.

2. Use the letter stencils to paint your pet’s name on the top of the paver stone. If there is room, the kids could also paint “we miss you” or “RIP.” Let the paint dry completely.

3. Paint the plastic animal figure (choose one the same as your pet, such as a cat or dog). Paint the entire figure with the outdoor paint making sure to get paint in all the crevices. Let it dry.

4. Glue the bottom of the painted animal figure to the top of the paver stone. Stick it in a corner so it complements the words without being a distraction. Press and hold the figure in place for a few minutes to make sure the glue holds.

5. Place the memorial somewhere outside or near where your pet is buried.

Tips and Tricks:

* Pavers come in many shapes and sizes. Don’t worry about color because you’re going to paint it anyway. Don’t choose a rough stone because it will be impossible to stencil words or glue the figure.

* Find plastic animal figures in dollar stores. Can’t find one of your pet? Glue plastic flowers instead.

* Outdoor paint will lose color over time because of harsh rain or snow. Clean up the stone with soapy water and repaint anything that needs a touch up.

A child’s homemade memorial stone will look great beside a professionally made one. It shows how loved your pet was to you all. For more information on Pet Monuments in CT, visit Business Name.

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