Personal Injury Lawyer and Your Settlement

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Lawyers, Personal Injury Attorney

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When you hear the words personal injury, you probably associate them with automobile accidents. However, personal injuries encompass many types of accidents including auto accidents, wrongful death, nursing home injuries, property liability, slip and falls, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, and other accidents that are caused by the negligence of person or entity. A Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get an ample settlement to help offset your expenses for your injuries, losses, and damages.

Financial compensation is the only way the legal system has to help people who have incurred injuries, losses, and damages from the negligence of others. While money does not solve everything or bring back a loved one, it does help prevent major financial burden. The following aspects of obtaining a financial settlement after an accident are beneficial to you.

Loss of Income

Sometimes an accident causes the loss of income whether you are in a one or two-earner household. When the loss of income comes from the primary income earner, it will adversely affect your budget and debt load. Suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed with not only your regular bills and household expenses, but also medical bills and other expenses that may be incurred from an accident. A lawyer can help you if the injury or loss of a loved one causes this kind of financial burden.

Property Damage

If you were in an auto accident, boating accident, or motorcycle accident, you will likely also have property damage expenses. The property may require repairs or may need to be replaced depending on the circumstances. Insurance is supposed to cover these kinds of losses, but the negligent party may also be responsible for deductibles and other expenses. A lawyer can help you get the financial compensation to cover your property damage losses.

Medical bills and other expenses that are incurred due to a wrongful death may also be included in a settlement. Hiring a quality Personal Injury Lawyer to help you with your claim comes with no risk and no money out of your pocket. Chappell Howard E Attorney At Law will gladly provide you with a free legal consultation and provide you with representation if your case qualifies. You do not pay for these legal services unless you get compensation.

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