Parker Hannifin Fitting Suppliers is Your Choice for Hose and Pipe Fitting Needs!

There are many industries that require pipes and pipe fitting related parts, in addition to various hoses and hose assemblies that are utilized in manufacturing, industrial, agricultural, and drilling operations. Whether it is a farming endeavor or an oil drilling location, businesses and companies need to rely upon other entities to service their pipe fitting and hose needs. Parker Hannifin Fitting Suppliers is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic parts and pipe fittings that are utilized in multiple machinery applications. As one of the largest fitting suppliers in the United States, they have grown to this size because of excellent customer service procedures, a tremendously large inventory selection of parts, and a value driven mentality that stands above other competitors.

Business Name is a family owned company that utilizes products from Parker Hannifin, but also manufactures other custom hoses and fittings to serve the Tulsa area and beyond. Whether hose specifications need to be tailored to oil, food grade, mining, or other specifications Business Name works with the customer to ensure that hoses and fittings are specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every application. Certain industries require certain types of fittings–brass, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and these fittings must match certain specifications for psi and other requirements and different types of hoses also must meet targeted specifications as well. Working with people in a family business typically means the customer receives a higher level of service and concern, because the team members look at the business of the customer with lenses as though they themselves were owners. That care and consideration is rarely matched in large conglomerate companies with no self identity or personality and no stake in the success of the individual.

Therefore, consider the trusted and winning combination of Parker Hannifin fitting suppliers and Business Name for all of your pipe fitting, hose, and hydraulic needs. Enjoy the advantages of selecting from a large inventory of pipe, hose, and fitting products in combination with a family owned and caring service mentality that is second to none. Whether you are a farmer, a miner, an oil person, or any other industrial or manufacturing individual this is the choice for you!

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