Ornamental aluminum fencing

Ornamental aluminum fence in St. Petersburg FL can be used for many reasons, it is very versatile in the sizes and designs that it is manufactured in. Aluminum fencing is often the practical alternative to wrought iron, these fences are very pleasing to look at and add significant curb appeal to any property. Aluminum fence can add to the ambiance of large sprawling estate properties just as well as those homes in suburban areas.

Ornamental aluminum fence in St. Petersburg FL is almost identical to, and very difficult to distinguish from genuine wrought iron. As aluminum is rust resistant, it is often the choice for a pool enclosure. This type of fencing has many possibilities for gates, from pool security gates to more ornamental but less secure gates. Regardless of whether it is seen in the city, the suburbs or the country, it will always add appeal to the property. The colors of black, white, green and beige are traditional but the fence can be supplied in alternative colors.

As aluminum fence, the same as wrought iron can be fitted with finials on the top to dissuade those who may wish to intrude. The finials are a great security device, making scaling the fence difficult. The finials can come in many different shapes and sizes, anything from vintage Victoriana to modern day cartoon characters. This choice gives homeowners the option of creating a personalized fence without jeopardizing the security benefits. The finials are expressly designed to ward off intruders but with gold painted grape leaves, double arrows, etc., they also give the fence a finished look. In many cases a low Aluminum Fence St. Petersburg FL is combined with a stately stone wall, making a rather formidable barrier against intruders.

On ranches and farms for many years, a split three rail fence was always seen, in many cases miles of it. Ornamental aluminum fence in St. Petersburg FL is available to duplicate this post and rail style. The colors of beige and white are very complimentary to a farm house sitting at the far end of a lane. The beauty of aluminum fencing is that it is maintenance free. This was certainly not the case with traditional split rail fences which had to be whitewashed every year or so to keep them looking bright and attractive. From a distance, it is very hard to distinguish wood from aluminum.

When aluminum fence in St. Petersburg FL is used as a pool enclosure it is often chosen because of its strength. It can be installed with any variety or size of security gate. Because of the rust resistant characteristics of aluminum, these fences are often accompanied with a lifetime warranty.

Aluminum fence in St. Petersburg FL can be sourced and installed from Foremost Fence. They have been working with homeowners in the area for over 25 years; they have earned their stellar reputation for quality and affordability.

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