Optical Stores in NYC: Choosing The Best Lenses For Your Eyeglasses

Lenses are the most important parts of eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses will be comfortable depending on the type of lenses you choose. There are different manufacturers of eyeglass lenses in the market. Every person planning to buy eyeglasses has a hard decision ahead since there are different types, makes and colors. Use this information to guide you in your choice for lenses for your eye-wear.

Why is it important to choose the right lenses?

Although the frame influences the comfort and outward appearance, the lenses influence the safety, vision, appearance and comfort. If you are planning to visit a few Optical Stores in NYC, choose the right lenses by considering factors such as materials used to make the lenses, the coatings and designs.

Materials used to make eyeglass lenses

1. Glass: It has slowly been phased out as a material for making eye lenses for a few drawbacks. It is very heavy and easily breakable. It can potentially cause harm to the eye.

2. Plastic: Plastic eyeglass lenses were introduced in 1947 and have become quite popular with time. The material is very light compared to glass and costs less. Plastic also has excellent optical qualities which make it quite popular.

3. Poly-carbonate lenses: These were introduced in the 1970. They are impact resistant making them perfect for eyeglasses for children.

4. High index plastic lenses: They are actually thinner and lighter than any other materials. The index of refraction is also higher which makes them awesome optical lenses.

Treatments and maintenance services for durable eyeglass lenses

Constantly switching out your eyeglass lenses can be expensive. Below are some of the additional treatments on eyeglass lenses that make them durable.

1. Eye-wear manufacturers have introduced an anti-scratch coating which instantly makes the lenses resistant to scratches.

2. Most lenses also have an anti-reflective coating which blocks reflection increasing the overall optical quality.

3. Eye-wear lenses also have UV-block treatment, to prevent exposure from the sun. UV rays have been known to cause eye related diseases such as cataracts.

There are so many decisions that go into choosing eye lenses. However, rather than going through the difficult process personally, visit the Optical Stores in NYC and a professional will do the job for you. With the right eyeglass lenses, your eyes will be comfortable whether out in the sun or indoors. Visit the website domain, for more information on eye-wear lenses.

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