Open Your Garage Door with a Push of This Button

Many homeowners and business owners use garage doors to keep their items secure and safe from the elements of nature. There are two major categories of garage door: manual and electronic. The manual systems are often pulled up by a chain, while the electronic ones are opened using a door opener which can be placed on the inside wall of the garage or by a special remote button. Many people are familiar with the general workings of door openers. However, they may not be aware of the various mechanisms that garages open by.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener in St. Louis, MO, provides two types of door openers for residential garages. The openers can be either chain drive units or belt drives. The former opener uses a metal chain for opening and closing garage doors. When the machine is functioning properly, the door will be controlled by a system of springs and cables attached to a trolley system that is powered by the motor. The motor will turn the chain and cause the door to either open or close, as needed. Chain drives are the least expensive, most popular, and are often louder than other types of openers. The latter drive offers the same mechanism but with a belt of rubber consistency instead of a metal chain. Because the belt is made of rubber, this drive tends to be more quiet and long lasting.

Commercial products that Chamberlain Garage Door Opener in St. Louis MO, offers include the commercial trolley operators and the jack shaft units. The first operates like the chain drives and is best for standard-lift sectional doors. The second type of unit uses a gear and chain powered by a motor. The chain moves along a gear that propels the door to either open or close. This type of product is more versatile as it is good for rolling doors, rolling grilles, and vertical lift sectional doors.

When looking for the right garage door opener products, choose The Birdsong Company, which offers all of the products mentioned above in various models. This company has not been in the market for over six decades because it sells low quality materials. Use one of their consultants to help select the right door opener for one’s residence or business. Call this company to ask about their products, repair services, and lifetime warranties.

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