Nutrient Delivery System: Juicing Is The Best Choice

Many people have already come to realise that juicing for health is an excellent way to get vitamins and nutrients into the body. Everyone leads such busy and hectic lives that it’s easy to forget to eat vegetables and fruits. Likewise, it’s much easier to grab fast food and sodas from the fridge than to pour a glass of fresh juice (or juice it yourself). Luckily, it’s easy to find wholesome, organic juices from Karmic Cold Pressed Juice.


Primarily, juice cleansing is seen as a fad diet, but it has many beneficial effects on the body. Juicing allows the vitamins and minerals an easier way to get into the body and start working. Likewise, eating fruits and vegetables can lead to gas and other uncomfortable situations because of the fibre. Some bodies can’t handle veggies and fruits in whole form, but they have no trouble drinking them.

Don’t Drink Only Juice

Most people believe, incorrectly, that they have to forego all other foods and beverages while on a juicing cleanse. While it can be helpful to supplement meals or drink juice instead of eating a meal once in a while, you should still get a total of 1,200 calories each day, depending on your particular dietary needs. Likewise, you probably won’t want to drink that much juice, but having it as a snack or drinking it instead of caffeine can be helpful.

You should still get plenty of fibre and protein from other foods, choosing to use juicing as a way to get plenty of vegetable and fruit servings each da.

Live Enzymes/Cultures

Cold-pressed juices do not contain preservatives and a lot of sugar. Therefore, you’ll find live enzymes and cultures in these options. Enzymes are a primary carrier and help the body absorb the vitamins and minerals better.

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