Nursing Homes and the Disabled

A nursing home is thought of as a facility that cares for the elderly, especially those who cannot care for themselves. The truth is; there are a number of reasons why someone may have to be placed in a nursing home in Southern Maryland MD. The most common reasons other than age include temporary disability, acute re-hab or long term care. It is not easy at the best of time for the caregiver to choose a nursing home; this is even more difficult if the individual is resisting placement. Before the choice is made, the caregiver must make sure that the level of care and comfort meets the needs of everyone concerned.


There are different facilities that can be tapped to care for a loved one, these include:

* Long term care: Facilities that offer long term care often focus on the aged population.

* Daycare: Long term facilities often have day care facilities as well, they offer care during the day when the primary caregiver, often a family member, is working.

* Acute care re-hab: This is usually a short term demand and this may be incorporated into a larger facility. The programs offered consist of a few hours of intensive physical therapy for those who are recovering from surgery or a disabling accident.

* Youth care: These facilities will be separate from elder care as the needs of young people are often very different than the needs of the elderly.

What is important when determining the correct nursing home in Southern Maryland MD is that the needs of the patient are met. Do not expect a facility that is set up to care for the long term resident to cater to the needs of those who need aggressive rehab therapy.

If any problems should arise between the resident patient and the nursing home the primary caregiver or the family must decide if there is enough care or not. Although it rarely happens there may be evidence of neglect of the patient may feel that they are not being stimulated enough as a result of lack of activities. In the event this happens try to resolve the issues with the home administrator and if there is no resolution then the option is to move to another facility; before any concern for the facility, think first of the needs of the patient. View website for more details.

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