Need a Real Estate Management Firm to Oversee Move-Ins & Move-Outs?

If, as a property owner, fitting landlording duties into your everyday schedule is a challenge, you may find a helpful solution in the form of real estate management.  Madison agents complete a number of managerial duties on behalf of their clients, including tasks that typically accompany tenant move-ins and move-outs.  Tenant screenings, walkthrough inspections, rent and security deposit collections, and marketing are a few of the services property managers provide to keep their clients’ investments running without issue.  After screenings, selected tenants review the terms of their lease, complete walkthrough inspections, and provide first months’ rent and security deposit.  Once a tenant has vacated, on the other hand, managers take care of deposit returns, cleaning, repairs, and marketing.

Settling New Tenants In
Depending on the terms of the contract you create with your chosen real estate management company, a manager may choose a new tenant on your behalf or give you the option to do so.  Applicants who are interested in renting must pass background and employment checks to evaluate their overall risk.  Once an individual who passed the screening process is chosen, your manager will make it a point to go over the terms of the lease with them.  After a lease has been signed, walkthrough inspections of a unit with a new tenant are often completed to ensure they are satisfied with its appearance.  Move-in dates are typically scheduled with the property manager who also collects the tenant’s first months’ rent and security deposit.

Preparing New Vacancies
After a tenant has chosen to vacate, either due to eviction or of their own volition, property managers quickly get to work preparing the room for new renters.  They will make any necessary subtractions from the security deposit, provide you with the funds, and mail the difference to the previous renter.  Sanitations, repairs, upgrades, and remodeling are generally overseen by the manager.  You will not have to clean the empty unit or find the best deals on repairs, as your manager will pull contacts from their network of vendors to get the job done.  Once the room is considered market-ready, your agent will begin implementing their company’s strategic advertising and marketing plan to reach out to new tenants.

Real Property Management is an established company that offers clients a lengthy list of services and know-how they can rely on.  Visit for more information about RPM.