Need a New Roof in San Antonio?

Rafters, shingles, flashing and more: there’s a lot that goes into the building of a new roof. Whether it’s a small single family or sprawling estate, this aspect of the home can never be overlooked when it comes to repair and replacement. While many tools are used to fix and fabricate, the single most important one for any homeowner is always knowledge.

Determining the Need

Sometimes it’s all too obvious that a roof is in need of replacement, such as when a serious leak occurs or after a damaging storm. However, homeowners can perform inspections every six months or so to stay on top of their roof’s condition. The roof should be approached safely, preferably with a spotter close by, and observations made for the following: cracked or missing shingles, separation of any adjoining materials and erosion of granules, evident in the drainage system. If a homeowner can catch the early indications of damage, they can contact a Roof Doctor and divert potential disaster.

Why DIY is Not Recommended

While recognizing the need for a new roof San Antonio may not be challenging for the average homeowner, turning it into a DIY project is . Employing improper techniques or using the wrong materials can do more harm than good, not to mention the potential danger a person puts themselves in by climbing up there with a heavy load. Roof replacement should be left to qualified professionals, no matter how competent or confident the homeowner may be.

Anticipating the Value of Replacement

Many homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of trying to patch a roof repeatedly, rather than simply opting for a new one. This formula may work in the short-term, however, when all these minor patches are tallied, most find that the cost of roof replacement San Antonio would have been a more economical choice. Moreover, calculating the annual dollar figure (dividing the price tag by the approximate number of years the roof is expected to last) for upkeep will also factor into the loss/savings calculations.

Knowledge is more than power when it comes to the maintenance and repair of a home: it means protection. Starting at the top, a roof should always be taken care of by highly trained professionals and given the attention it needs by the occupants. Click here for more details on new roof installation in n San Antonio.


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