Motorcycle Insurance in St Charles MO: Information for New RIders

If you are planning on purchasing a motorcycle you will need to learn more about motorcycle insurance in St Charles MO. While insuring a motorcycle is the same in many ways as insuring any vehicle, there are some details you should probably know before you choose a policy.

Be aware that all motorcycles are considered a higher risk than an automobile. This is because a person is statistically 30 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than in a typical car accident. Just as with car insurance, your motorcycle coverage will be less expensive if you are a safe driver. A good driving record and completing a safety course will help to reduce the rate you pay.

Discounts are available in most cases for people who bundle policies as well as for riders who choose motorcycles that are considered safer models. These include those with safety features like anti-lock brakes and smaller engines which are considered a lower risk.

Insurance is available for full coverage, liability and more. What you choose will depend on your own budget, but also according to what the state law has set as a minimum amount of coverage. You can cover accessories, like your helmets, with your policy. If you are purchasing a trailer to tow your bike occasionally, remember the trailer will also need to be covered with a separate policy.

In some instances a policy will cover your bike regardless of who the driver is as long as they are licensed to drive a motorcycle. However this is not the case with all policies, so be certain to ask if you are planning on allowing a spouse or someone else to drive your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Insurance in St Charles MO also includes optional extras like rental bikes in case your motorcycle is in an accident, for towing and roadside service in the event of a breakdown and can even assist with lodging if an accident or breakdown occurs far from home.

You can find out all of the details and pick a policy which is right for you by contacting your insurance agent. It is always important to make certain you choose a policy which will cover you as much as needed. Be aware of the expense before you purchase any motorcycle to make certain you are not buying a bike that will be too costly to cover sufficiently.

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