Money Transfer from Singapore to India

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Finance

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Online money transfer is no more new element for any remitter but once you get accustomed with latest trends, you instinctively indulge in searching for better opportunity which is very natural phenomenon. Maximum number of NRIs in Singapore are now keen to send money via online. Assurance about an online remittance procedure is the biggest concern that raises an eyebrow slight up. But you will not have to regret if you Choose right option to transfer the money to India. ‘Wisdom is derived from the experience’. Most of the Indians in Singapore are well informed about and since long back business affairs in a healthy state of tune are taking place between NRIs and RemitGuru. It is a service catered by Indians to Indians for Indians. We enjoy great faith by the NRIs in Singapore and hope to cherish the bonds on regular basis.

Therefore, we have introduced new program that will benefit to all Indians overseas. It is known as ROR. It stands for reward on referral. RemitGuru sincerely believes that mouth publicity is the best channel to preserve the relations. Under this program a remitter is supposed to refer RemitGuru’s online remittance service to his/her friends and relatives who are NRI too. Once a transaction is booked and completed by them you will get referral bonus in the final transaction which will benefit the receiver in India. To get More information about this program you will just have to browse Once you visit and use our services you are going to be ours’ forever.

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