Mold is the cause of serious health problems

Over the last few years the general public has shown an increased awareness of the health problems associated with it.

Mold is a fungus that can be found literally anywhere, it can and will grow on any organic material; all it needs is a source of moisture and air. Mold can grow on cardboard, wood, paper, drywall, carpeting and any soft upholstery, even on your food. If there is a source of moisture and this moisture goes undetected you can be sure that you will have a problem with mold. The elimination of all mold is not possible as the spores that cause it move constantly on air currents and you can be affected at any time, however, mold remediation in Whitehall is a possibility, all that really has to be done is control the source of moisture.

Preventing mold:

  • As soon as you spot a plumbing leak, fix it

  • Properly vent dryers to the outside as they generate moisture

  • Do not let the foundations of your home to remain wet, slope the ground away from the basement walls

  • If you spot any condensation, find the source and repair it

  • Keep the drip pans on air conditioners free from obstructions

  • Try to maintain no more than 50 percent humidity in your home

Even when you go out of your way to ensure a home that is free from moisture this is actually not always possible, and in these cases you have to plan mold remediation in Whitehall; how and when are you going to rid your home of mold?


Bases on the size of the mold infestation it may be necessary to relocate the occupants of the home while the work is going on. This decision is also tempered by the health problems that are being reported by the occupants, the possible health problems caused by the remedial process and the overall disruption to the lifestyle of the occupants. If it can be arranged, have the technicians who will undertake mold remediation in Whitehall area do the work during a period of time when the occupants are not in the house or in the event the building is a commercial property, do the work at night when there is no one in the building.

The remediation process includes finding the source of moisture and eliminating it. Remediation can be quite an emotional issue, if mold has taken hold on an expensive item such as an antique carpet you might be well advised to consult with experts in restoration and conservation as well as experts in mold removal and remediation.

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