Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Continuing Veterinary Education

Taking the time to attend continuing veterinary education is really a great option to earn some of your required annual training. This is an ideal consideration to allow you to network with other vets and professionals, to talk to old colleagues and friends, and to simply get away with like-minded professionals to discuss things of interest.

However, there is a cost to attending these continuing veterinary education opportunities that makes going to conferences out of town and out of state very difficult for most vets. A good option to consider is to carefully choose your in-person training to those that offer you a top return on your investment while completing your continuing veterinary education in the off years or with the balance of your requirements online.

Paying For Costly Conferences

When you stop and breakdown the cost of attending a training you will quickly understand that the cost of the continuing veterinary education conference is really the least of the expenses. There is your travel, the cost of losing time and income to your practice, and also the cost of just being away from home for a few days.

In comparison, the cost of continuing veterinary education online is very minimal. For a flat low rate you can access all the information that you require to fulfill the RACE-approved CE hours allowed by your state.

Listening to Repeat Information

There is nothing worse than getting to a training only to find out that you have already mastered the skills, treatment options and best practices being outlined by the presenter. For experienced vets this can be a major frustration with attending conferences, especially when the same speakers are on the agenda year after year.

With online continuing veterinary education by a top service provider there are constantly new webinars and podcasts added to the library. This allows you to watch the live webinar or log into an archive to watch a video recording. You can not only hear from top researchers and practicing vets, but you never have to choose a topic that is already an area of specialization for you and your practice.

While conferences and seminars are an important part of your continuing veterinary education program, they can be a costly way to fulfill your annual training requirements. Joining an online service that gives you convenient, on demand training is a great way to ensure that you are never short of new trainings and the hours that you need.

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