Managing Kitchen Fire Damage In Des Plaines

While a fire can potentially start in any room of the home, the kitchen is the one place in the home where fire is most likely. Grease fires are the leading cause of fires in the home followed by electrical fires in appliances, and the stove is the most common cause of electrical fire damage in Des Plaines and around the country.

Grease and oil fires from cooking are particularly problematic since the material is so flammable and the fire burns very hot very quickly. These fires can easily spread to surrounding countertops and cabinets and, if the grease or oil splashes or spills the fire simply becomes massive in just a few seconds.

The most important factor in minimizing kitchen fire damage in Des Plaines is to know how to put out a grease fire safely by covering the pot as well as by having a chemical fire extinguisher on hand.

Repair or Replace after Fire Damage in Des Plaines

Depending on your insurance policy and your budget you may have several options after you have experienced fire damage in Des Plaines in the kitchen. If you have an older home this could be a good opportunity to fully upgrade your kitchen and do any remodeling you may have been considering.

While your insurance will not pay for remodeling, they will pay replacement value or actual cash value, depending on your policy. This can allow your insurance payment to cover part of the renovation. This may allow you to upgrade your kitchen and get rid of all the materials that may have smoke, fire and water damage in the area.

Cleaning after Fire Damage in Des Plaines

Cleaning after fire damage in Des Plaines should include washing and deodorizing all fabrics, surfaces and materials that were in proximity to the fire and the smoke. When there is excessive smoke with the fire this may include other rooms of the home and other items of furniture well away from the actual location of the fire.

Your contractor should be familiar with fire damage in Des Plaines and can assist you in ensuring that your home is fully deodorized and cleaned. In most cases professional services will be required to remove the fine soot and smoke smell that can last in home for years after a fire.

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