Make Your Yard Look Lovely With These 4 Landscaping Tips: Debris Removal in Austin, TX

Landscaping can improve a home’s overall appearance and add value to the property. With a little knowledge, anyone can complete landscaping projects and make their yard appear professionally cared for. Here are four landscaping tips to keep your property looking its best.

Take proper care of your lawn.

When it comes to landscaping, the first thing many homeowners think of is the lawn. A lush, green lawn can greatly improve the look of a property. A few ways to keep a lawn looking professionally kept include:

  • Avoid scalping the lawn. Never mow more than 1/3 of the total blade height in one day to avoid brown and bare spots in the yard.
  • When seeding the lawn, choose slow-growing, cool-season varieties and add the seeds to the ground in early autumn.
  • Add fertilizer to the lawn during the middle of fall, around October.

Investing in a company that offers debris removal in Austin, TX will keep your lawn free of sticks, branches, and other materials that make it difficult to maintain.

Trim bushes, prune trees, and remove any debris.

If windows are blocked by any shrubbery or trees, trim them down. Remove any debris from the yard and invest in seasonal cleanup in the fall and spring. Companies that specialize in debris removal in Austin, TX will clean up branches, stones, and other debris from the yard. Letting debris sit in the yard can create a breeding ground for fungus or animals.

Plant flowers, bushes, and ornamental trees.

Become familiar with the different types of flowers, bushes, and trees that grow best in your area. Balance different plants and colors and gather inspiration by looking through garden magazines. More importantly, invest in quality soil for your garden. You can have loam and specialty mixes for your flowers and garden delivered by companies like Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC.

Add pathways.

If there are no sidewalks to regularly used areas of the yard, consider creating a pathway with stepping stones or decorative brick. Adding aesthetically-pleasing pathways will prevent the lawn from being damaged with excessive traffic. Choose a material that is similar in color and texture to the material of the home’s exterior for a truly professional look.

A home’s landscape can be transformed through lawn care, a well-maintained garden, and stone pathways. Landscaping can be costly, but with these four tips, you can improve the look of your yard for less.

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